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Prevention Resources

Part of the journey From Coverage to Care includes prevention! Focused on how prevention and healthy living can lead to better health, this page has resources for you to share with consumers, repost online, print, or order.  Scroll down for:

  • Infographics showing why and how consumers can put their health first. Use these as talking points and resources to share messages about prevention with consumers, family, and friends.
  • Flyers you can post or give to consumers showing which preventive services are available at no cost-sharing. Flyers are tailored for adults, older adults, women, and children.
  • Postcards you can customize and give out at expos and events with prevention messages on the front and appointment reminders, preventive service screening results, or contact information fields on the back.

We hope the resources below help you talk with consumers about the importance of putting your health first, and help you connect consumers with the preventive services that are right for them. You can share all of our resources. Most can also be ordered from the CMS Product Ordering Warehouse for no cost.


Put Your Health First Infographic

This infographic builds on Step 1 of the Roadmap by talking through four things consumers can do to focus on prevention and directing them to the additional resources. You can repost the infographic or display the poster.

Put Your Health First poster Put Your Health First: Step 1 of the Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You.

Pub #(11942) Available for print, download, or order 11x17 poster size.


Preventive Services Flyers

Use these flyers to let consumers know about preventive services available at no cost sharing. All are available for print, download, or order as an 8.5x11 flyer.

C2C Preventive Services poster Adults Pub. #(11943)

Older Adults Pub.# (11944)

Women Pub.#(11945)

Children Pub.# (11946)


Postcards for Providers, Events, and Expos

Use blank cards or customize them for an event. All are available for download, print, or for order as a half-page card.

Put Your Health First postcard   Appointment Reminder Pub. #(11948) Use this card to provide appointment information after an appointment, health expo, or other activity.

 Services/Test Result Pub. #(11947) Write the result and meaning of a test or screening service.

 Contact Information Pub. #(11949)


Additional Infographics

Preventive Services Info Card Cancer Screening Put Your Health First: Get Screened, Stay Healthy 

Put Your Health First: Get Screened: Find Cancer Early

Available for download or print.


Every Age Coverage Healthy PregnancyPut Your Health First: Use Your Coverage to Take Care of Yourself and Your Baby!

Put Your Health First: At Every Age.

Available for download or print.