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Become a Champion for Coverage

Become a “Champion for Coverage” and help us make sure all Americans can get the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.


Why should my organization become a “Champion for Coverage?”

To take advantage of the new, online Health Insurance Marketplace, millions of uninsured Americans need to know about it and sign up.  We need help from the public and private sectors to let people know about these new benefits and get them enrolled.  

Starting in October 2013, Americans who don’t have insurance can choose from quality, affordable health insurance plans in the Marketplace for coverage that begins in 2014.  The Marketplace:

  • Gives the uninsured more plan choices
  • Helps lower the costs of insurance for working families and small business


Ways your organization can be a Champion for Coverage

  1. Send your partners/members/customers to the official consumer sources to learn about the Marketplace and get coverage:
  2. Send an email to your network about the Marketplace.
  3. Post the and/or widget on your website.
  4. Hang posters and/or give out fact sheets and brochures about the Marketplace.
  5. Host a conference call, webinar, or another educational event about the Marketplace.
  6. Include a story about the Marketplace in your organizational newsletter or other publication.
  7. Record and send out a public service announcement about the Marketplace.
  8. Have your staff/members learn about the Marketplace in educational sessions.
  9. Connect with your partners/members/customers through official Marketplace social media channels to share their stories:
  10. Provide space for enrollment sessions or fairs (ideally, with computers so people can check out the Marketplace online).  


How can my organization become a “Champion for Coverage?”

First, take action – post the Marketplace widget, send an email message, or more.  If you're interested in being publically recognized as an official “Champion for Coverage,” fill out our online form. Once we get your information, we’ll follow up with you. If you have questions, send an email to

See the growing list of national and state champions